Our wide range of products offering reliance and safety to various fields are introduced, and each model can be searched from the Category, Target Gas or Product Search. We are provider of rotation management systems and calibration instruments to the shipping industry.

Measurement Instruments

• HERMetic UTI Detector

The HERMetic UTI meter is a portable liquid level and tempareture gauge designed to be operated in petroleum tanks. The unit enables 3, optionally 4 measurements in one single operation – Ullage – Temperature - Oil / Water interface - Innage (Visc version)

• Multi and Single Gas Dedectors

You may choose the right dedector and sensor dependand on the area and gas type(H2S,CO,O2,NH3,Cl2,ClO2,HCN,NO,NO2,PH3,SO2) A simple to use one-button product and is easy to calibrate.

- Multi Gas Dedector

- Personel Gas Monitor for Single Gas

• Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes and Pump

Measurements must often be taken in extreme conditions, such as up ladders, in shafts, or where heavy breathing protection is required. The gas detector pump can easily be operated with one or two hand , and allows reliable measurements in locations that are difficult to access.

• Calibration with Special Mix Gases

According to manufacturer recommendation with customer request ; We are provide to various type calibration gases , flow regulator and connection test hoses

• Ultrasonic Thickness Gage

Furthermore, most options are available individually at the time of purchase or can be added in the future as your needs change.

• Compatible with full line of dual element transducers for thickness measurements on internally corroded metals
• Min./Max. mode
• Two Alarm modes
• Differential mode
• Time-based B-scan
• Reduction Rate
• Gain Adjust (standard, high, and low)
• Password instrument lock

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