• Medical Equipments

We are innovative, and the breadth of our services has grown in response to our clients' demands.Supply of vessels with the complete range of pharmaceutical and medical supplies tailored to their specific registry requirements. Table of contents; Sterile Sheet for burn patients,Adhesive tape waterproof,Q-Tips ,Safety Pins,Butterfly Sutures,Disposable Gloves,Surgical Gloves , Scalpel Sterile,Disposable instrument box (Stainless Steel),Operating Scissors Straight (Stainless Steel),Bandage Scissors(Stainless Steel),Splinter Forceps Pointed (Stainless Steel),Needle Holder Mayo-Hegar Straight,Haemostatic Clamp Mosquito (Stainless Steel),Disposable Razor ,Glucose ,Digital Thermometer ,Cotton Wool Roll and more…

Medical O2 Cylinder Respritor Set Medical Oxygen Cylinder Wall Mounting First Aid Bag
Vacum Pack Water Proof First Aid Kit Neil Robertson Model Stretcher Helicopter Type Stretcher
Medical Oxygen Regulator Device Twin Type Medical Oxygen Regulator Device Injection with Tools
Bandages Dissecting Set Hospital Hallow Ware

Table of contents ; First aid , Shock , Pain Management , Head injuries , Eye injuries and diseases , Bone, joint and muscle injuries , Abdominal and chest injuries , Wounds , Burns, chemical splashes, smoke inhalation and electrocution ,Heat stroke and other heat disorders , Poisoning , Examination of the patient , Neurological and mental disorders , Disorders of the heart and circulation , Respiratory diseases , Gastrointestinal and liver diseases , Kidney and other urinary diseases , Pregnancy and childbirth , Sexually transmitted infections , Skin diseases , Bone, joint and muscle disorders , Alcohol and drug problems , Infectious diseases , Dental problems , External assistance , Nursing care and medical procedures , Death at sea , Medical care of survivors at sea , Environmental control , Preventing disease and promoting health in seafarers , Anatomy and physiology , International health regulations , The ship s medicine chest , Annex A: Forms for case reporting, referral and evacuation

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